On March 6, students at Adelphi University heard real-life stories about what it’s like to work in healthcare organizations doing the life sustaining work that those of us who have been involved for years truly enjoy. The event was part of NQP’s Workforce efforts to partner with local colleges to foster pipelines of highly skilled workers from these institutions to our employers.

Adelphi features several programs that encompass healthcare careers. Their Nursing and Social Work programs are widely known and well respected in the industry, and there was considerable interest from their Nursing Informatics and Business Administration students as well.

Attendees at the event, which was organized with the help of Adelphi’s Director of Internships Jonathan Ivanoff, heard a broad spectrum of experiences from our veteran speakers:

·         Glenn Courounis, NQP’s Director of Organizational Development, has an executive background in Human Resources and Patient Experience

·         Deirdre Duke (also an Adelphi graduate) from Northwell Health, is a RN and attorney with a long and distinguished career in patient care, nursing administration, education and human resources management

·         Maureen Hutcheon from Nassau University Medical Center, is a social worker by background with an extensive career in behavioral health and hospital administration

·         Tom Early, whose lengthy resume is as an executive in Managed Care and healthcare Finance

·         Nadeem Ramjan (pictured above), who started his career studying architecture, but developed a love for data analysis and is now NQP’s Director of Data Analytics

·         John Eletto from Catholic Health Services, whose career encompasses executive positions outside of healthcare and is the newest convert to healthcare management

The students heard from individuals whose careers progressed from staff to management roles in healthcare, from both inside and out. While each speaker told their own story, several robust themes emerged:

·         Healthcare is a calling, and the mission to help patients causes us to wake up each day eager to make a difference in someone’s life

·         Take opportunities when presented, even if that may seem unrelated to what you’re currently doing or are outside of your comfort zone

·         Take on additional assignments (if offered) in order to help build your resume

·         Be enthusiastic and bring a strong work ethic to your job

·         Do something you are passionate about!


Their inspiring stories held the audience’s rapt attention. Many stayed afterwards to meet the speakers and ask questions about career goals. They were eager to network for internships as well. The speakers all enjoyed each other’s stories, thus it was a successful event from all perspectives.